We love the vibe children bring to a hostel. But this is not a hostel suitable for children. If you choose to bring them here its completely up to you. know that they will probably be exposed to a lot of people drinking alcohol, maybe sex in the dorms, and in case of babies some safety hazards.
Its up to you.
Anyway, no babies in the dormitories. And keep your teenagers close to you if you dont want them to drink from someones beer.

We introduced the age restriction recently because experience has shown that most elders dont find the hostel, its location, atmosphere and facilities satisfactory. The younger guests also complained about quite a few crazy old geezers in the dorms, and we had to deal with everyone.
On the other hand we know some of the coolest people are the ones with experience. And our door will be open for them always.
So think twice before you book with us. might be worth to pay a couple more dollars for everybody’s happiness.

Sure , just mail it to us overstay.tlv@gmail.com and reception will do it. its 1 ILS per page.

Yes, but only after we are done with the hostel laundry,or we can recommend a cheap laundromat near by. you might be asked to hang your own laundry.

We have an equipped kitchen for you, open 8:00-23:00.
The fridge is for food, not beers.


We do not lock dormitory rooms, but rarely we have had theft complaints here. There is a general feeling of trust and awareness we promote.
In any case there are lockers that can accommodate a lap top, the are free , you can use your own lock or buy one at reception.

You might be surprised to hear this but generally Israel is a safe place.
We rarely have robberies,pickpockets and street gangs.
But for a few streets with junkies and drunk refugees in a district north of the central bus station you can walk wherever in Tel-Aviv/Jaffa at nights time feeling perfectly safe.
This is true also for the hostel surrounding. Its very quiet at night when the workshops are closed.
We dont have curfew here at the hostel so you can party here or there and come back to crash whenever.

As many budget travelers wait till their late night low cost flight in our hostel we allow you to store your luggage for the rest of the day and just come and take it.
Further you can use all hostel facilities until 15:00 for free.
If you wish to hang out in the hostel from 15:00 – 2:00am and use its facilities ( showers, computer, kitchen etc ) there is a charge of 25ils.
staying after that counts as another night, please extend accordingly.

11:00am is check out. If you want to extend ( OVERSTAY!) you should inform reception before that.But as we have reservations you might be asked to move room.

You can check-in at reception starting 8:00am but your room/bed will be available only after 13:00.
Reception is manned 24/7 so you can arrive later at night and be checked into your room, in such case payment will be settle only in the morning.
If you plan to check out very early during the night, 00:00-8:00, please notify reception the day before.

Generally NO. but first there is an ATM next door, and we can also be patient, take a nights rest and reception will direct you in the morning to the nearest money exchange.